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Body Massage Service Subiaco and Kingsway,Perth WA

Everyday household chores and/or office work can take a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing; thus, it becomes necessary to avail yourself of health retreats from time to time. At Minu Threading, we offer affordable back and body massage service in Subiaco Square and Kingsway, as well as eyebrow threading and tinting services in Innaloo and Hillary. Our professionals have the right tools and expertise to cater for neck and shoulder massage in Perth, pulling away the stress or pain that causes agitation.

Offered body and head massages improve blood circulation and help alleviate stress up to a great extent. We are considerate of our customers’ wellbeing and thus use quality products for carrying out massage sessions. Our professionals know how to deal with stiff muscles and sprain in particular body parts; you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands, getting the best massage you’ve ever had.

At Minu Threading, we lay emphasis on enhancing your natural beauty through specialized massage sessions in Perth and its suburbs. Spare us a visit for a soothing massage and experience an improved, healthy state of mind and body.

Minu Threading is steeped in traditional and natural methods for enhancing your inner beauty. Did you know that massage is not only good for your health but can also boost your natural beauty? How does massage do this?

Massages have always been known to reduce stress, loosen muscles and improve circulation. Here at Minuthreading salon, we believe that a massage administed by an expert can give you back that healthy glow. Let your stress and worries fade away under the expert ministrations of our masseurs and watch as you get back that glow through our traditional massages combined with scientific methods for improving circulation and relaxing muscles. The true sign of beauty is a healthy, relaxed glow.

Choose from our massage services here at Minu Threading :

  • Neck and shoulder massage. Tired from sitting at your desk the whole day? Come in for a quick or intense neck and shoulder massage to help alleviate the pain. We suggest you take a massage before heading home and turning in for the night so the therapies, oils and massage can settle while you sleep for a refreshed you the next morning.
  • Back massage. Most of the time, our clients come to us complaining of back pain from bad posture, age and injuries. Let our massage therapists iron out those kinks and relax your muscles the natural way with our traditional back massages. Come back regularly so our massage therapists can work out your problem areas and get rid of tight muscles once and for all.
  • Indian head massage. Our beauty experts and massage therapists are trained in the ancient arts of Indian massages and you can experience the treatment that Indian royalty used to enjoy. De-stress with our traditional Indian Head Massage and watch as fine lines are reduced, your complexion brightens and your headaches and migraines are reduced. Come back regularly to get the full benefit of these services.

Get in touch with us through 048 111 2421 to set an appointment or to learn more about our massage services.

  • Foot Massage$15.00
  • Hand Massage$15.00
  • Head/Hair Oil Massage$25.00 (15 minute)
  • Back Neck and shoulder Massage$35.00 (20 minute)
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