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Minu threading Beauty Salon’s team of experts and top-notch beauty facilities are waiting for your appointment or walk in. Do you need a quick touch-up or a complete look for an evening out? Choose from our range of natural and traditional techniques and products to bring out the glow in you:

Cosmatic Makeup Threading Waxing Service Perth WA

Eyebrow Threading Hillarys,Perth
Eyebrow Threading Specialists Hillarys, Perth WA Threading is one of the best ways to groom eyebrows; not just the best, but it is quite affordable and effective as well. At Minu Threading, we use hygiene, organic thread that’s skin-friendly performs the job effortlessly. We refrain from using any chemical for eyebrow threading –keeping i..
Cosmetic Tattoo – Feather Touch Brow Tattoo
A touch up may be needed for your brows to shape right In spite of the fact that this system has been around for a long time, particularly in Asia, it is simply beginning to get huge acknowledgment in North America. Lasting cosmetics specialists are presently beginning to take in the methods from their Asian partners utilizing a hand held..
Brow and Lash Tinting
Brow & Lash Eye Tinting Service Hillarys, Perth WA Have you ever imagined of having darker eyelashes and eyebrows to give your face a youthful glow? Come in and let our beauty experts carefully place natural, long-lasting and hypo-allergenic dyes on your eyebrow and eyelashes. At Minu Threading, we use the latest techniques to define..
waxing perth
Hair Waxing Service Subiaco and Kingsway, Perth WA If you are availing yourself of a grooming session, then you can’t simply miss out on the waxing part. At Minu Threading, we offer cheap waxing service in Perth for full arms, lower legs, upper legs, half arms, under arms and more, or you can opt for our all-inclusive package that will sa..
Facial Treatments
Ayurvedic Facial Treatment in Subiaco and Kingsway, Perth WA Reclaim your youth and facial glow with gold and pearl facial treatment in Perth, at Minu Threading. Our expert beauticians provide Facial Treatment service in Perth to enhance your beauty, skin texture and reduce fine lines; thereby, giving you a radiant, healthy skin. Pamper a..
Hair Treatment and Hair Styles Perth
Hair Treatment and Hairstyles Subiaco and Kingsway, Perth WA When done right, hairstyling can do wonders about your appearance. A nice, trendy hairstyle can add to your overall personality and can be a quick, affordable facelift. At Minu Threading, we provide hair treatment service in Perth and nearby suburbs. You can visit us for all typ..
Indian Bridal Makeup Subiaco and Kingsway, Perth WA We also have a special expert who can get you ready for a full Indian wedding, whether you’re the bride or a guest! Are you tired of the same old look that all salons seem to produce? Are you afraid of harsh additives and chemicals in the makeup most salons use? Does your skin flare up a..
Body Massage Service Subiaco and Kingsway,Perth WA Everyday household chores and/or office work can take a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing; thus, it becomes necessary to avail yourself of health retreats from time to time. At Minu Threading, we offer affordable back and body massage service in Subiaco Square and Kingsway, as we..
Henna Tattoos
Natural Henna Tattoos Service at Subiaco and Kingsway, Perth,WA Henna has always been a contributor towards enhancing the beauty of women. Look gorgeous and leave a remarkable impression on the onlookers with henna tattoos. At Minu Threading, we invite you to discover the art of henna tattoo designs. We have trained and expert henna tatto..
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