What is SHR?

SHR represents Super Hair Removal,its a stage forward in lasting hair decrease. It is the most progressive method of evacuating undesirable hair.

SHR is quicker than customary IPL and Laser, it’s more secure and torment free in correlation.

How accomplishes SHR work?

How SHR functions, is a progressive methodology, rather that assaulting your skin with high measures of Joules ( vitality ), SHR discharge various shots however at low Joules, in doing so it delicately warms the hair follicle to the warmth required and the most you will feel is warmth and a shivering sensation, a few customers contrasting it with a warm back rub. SHR likewise uses In-Motion innovation, where the hand piece is consistently moving over the skin.

Is SHR reasonable for all skin types?

SHR is appropriate for all skin types, even leather experts, this is attainable in light of the innovation and procedures used. In contrast to customary Laser and IPL , SHR can be had throughout the entire year without escaping the sun.

What number of medicines are required?

To completely treat the territory you may require 4-6 medicines at multi week stretches. A multi week system is imperative to keep up so the SHR medicines get the hair at its multi week re-development. Close to the furthest limit of the medicines 6-multi week stretches will be expected to polish off your course.

IPL for hair evacuation is genuinely powerful, there is nothing amiss with it , IPL has certain confinements , more slow speed , it is as yet protected and successful.

Super Hair Removal (SHR) is utilized for general hair evacuation purposes. It very well may be utilized anyplace from the face to the furthest points. It tends to be helpful securely on all skin types. What’s more, most magnificently, it is an effortless treatment.

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